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Super Nintendo


QBert 3

 View credits and backgrounds: Hold R + L at the options screen will appear. The credit screen will be displayed. Press Select to view different backgrounds. X*Bert mode: Press B, Y(3), B, Y(3), Start at the options screen. Start a new game to begin at the first bonus level. Skip to level 11: Press B(8) at the options screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start and return to the title screen. Start a single player game to begin at level 11. View all intermission scenes: Press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B at the title screen. View special ending: Hold Select and press [L + R] ten times. While continuing to hold Select, press B, A. The sound of a bomb exploding will confirm correct code entry.... Read More

Brett Hull Hockey

 Remove CPU goalie: Pause game play and select the "Goalie" option. Press Right on controller two, then use controller one to resume game play. To return the goalie, pause game play and select the "Goalie" option. Press Left on controller two, then use controller one to resume game play.... Read More

Spider-Man And Venom: Separation Anxiety

 Level select: Enter SCBCRS as a password. Press Start to pause game play to display the level selection screen. Note: The game cannot be completed normally when this code is enabled. Expert mode: Enter MRRYPN as a password. Secret areas: Move to the top left of level 1 and punch at this location to warp. Find the gold fountain on level 8. Stand towards the middle and left of the screen and throw an opponent toward the left side. In the police station as Spider-Man, go to the very last door. Climb your web directly in front of it and drop down to find the secret room. Note: Hold Up when dropping down. At the beginning of level 2, do a jump kick at the upper left hand corner of the screen to reach a secret room. Level Password 5 DCCPMH 11 MDRKJP 17 STSPPC 16 QPMJCV... Read More

Gradius 3

 Arcade mode: Enter the option menu from the title screen. Highlight the "Game Level" selection and rapidly tap A until the "Game Level" text changes to "Arcade". Press Start(2), to begin an arcade mode game. Random weapons: Select a game mode from the option screen, then press Start to enter the weapon selection screen. Press R to enter the edit mode. Press X, Y, X(2), Y(2), X, Y for a random selection. Extended demonstration mode: Hold A button at the title screen. The demonstration mode will continue until reaching the Boss. Twenty-nine lives: Hold Left and press A(3) at the title screen. Then, press Start to begin game play. Extra credits: Rapidly tap X at the title screen until the total number of credits approaches eight. Press Start to begin the game before the title screen disappears. Start with up to nine credits: Note: This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature. Put the L, X, and Y buttons on auto-fire at the screen with the "Options", "1 Player", and "2 Player"... Read More

Andre Agassi Tennis

 Unbeatable Andre Agassi: Press B, A, Y, X, R, L, Start at the title screen to never lose a match.... Read More

Brain Lord

 Gate key: You need the Fire Sword. Near the beginning is a room with a red "pig". In that room is a door with a ice block. Melt it to get the flood gate key. Then, go to the room with big skeletons and unlock that door. Though there is the key that you are looking for. Unlimited fairy experience: Use the Light Fairy to see, when in the ruins under the city. After getting the fairy, return to the first save location, then go right. Enter the first door from the save location. Go through the little room and go to the next door. Look out for the robots in this room, as the shield will not block their attacks, which do a lot of damage. Go after them at an angle. Use the fairy in the room after the robots. You should now be able to see a small blue square on the floor. Use the square to turn on the lights, then get on the small flying square. It allows you to travel over the electric floor without harm. There will be a few enemies in the room that will always have a ball that increases your... Read More

World Champ Wrestling

 Last match: Enter N5BN 1B47 RZBZ as a password.... Read More

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV

 Level Select At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L, R on Controller Two. Bonus Song On the Option screen, choose Hard Mode, then select "STAFF" in the sound test. Push B to hear the tune, then tap Y for a special version of the song. Extra Lives At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B, A on Controller Two. Next, go to the Options screen and use Controller One to increase your lives up to 10.... Read More

SimCity 2000

 Freeland scenario: Load and successfully complete the Las Vegas scenario within 10 years. A message will confirm that the secret level has been unlocked. It consists of flat terrain with no water, featuring a picture of Mario in the middle. Las Vegas scenario: Successfully complete the six default scenarios. Then, grow a city that has a population of over 100,000 and save the game. Control tax money: Lay low with your money and buy small amounts of everything. Keep low on residential, commercial, and industry. Build what the citizens want when you can afford it. Continue to do this until you start to progress in tax money. Easy money: Enter the options and select "GRAPHS". Choose "Bond Payments", and go to issue all the money that you want to take out. Note: You are only issued a certain amount of money.... Read More

Aliens Vs Predator

 Level select: Hold L + R + X + A on controller two, then press Start on controller one at the options menu.... Read More

Tetris 2

 Level Password 2 A?? 3 Z2! 31 FT? 32 N7? 33 48N 34 8QN 35 48R 36 8QR 37 2F2 38 XS2 39 2FK 40 XSK 41 S8N 42 0QN 43 S8R 44 0QR 45 QF2 46 HS2 47 QFK 48 HSK 49 4NQ 50 80Q 51 4N0 52 800 53 2RV 54 X9V 55 2R! 56 X9! 57 SNQ 58 00Q 59 SN0 60 000 61 QRV 62 H9V 63 QR! 64 H9! 65 T19 66 9V9 67 T1M 68 9VM 69 WZ5 70 BL5 71 WZ1 72 BL1 73 V19 74 CV9 75 V1M 76 CVM 77 5Z5 78 ?L5 79 5Z1 80 ?L1 81 TW6 82 926 83 TWZ 84 92Z 85 WK4 86 B64 87 WKP 88 B6P 89 VW6 90 C26 91 VWZ 92 C2Z 93 5K4 94 ?64 95 5KP 96 ?6P 97 JP7 98 JPH 99 JPH 100 Z3H... Read More

Yoshis Safari

 Expert mode: Hold X + Y + L + R and press Start at the title screen. The screen color will change to confirm correct code entry.. Pink sky: Press X, Y, R, L, Start at the title screen. The screen will fade and return with a pink sky.... Read More

Looney Tunes Basketball

 Invisibility: Press X(3), Turbo during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Earthquake: Press Up(3), Turbo during game play. Press Select to disable the code. X-ray vision: Press Left(2), X during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Mayhem: Press B(5), X during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Space ball: Press Up(4), Down, X, Turbo during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Happy face score: Press Up, Down, Left, Right, X during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Speed boost: Press Turbo(3), hold Y, and press X during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Forced pass: Press Turbo, Y, Turbo, X during game play to force your partner to pass the ball. Costs 10 cents. Press Select to disable the code. Trust me: Press Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Turbo during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Here boy: Sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle, Turbo during game play. Press Select to disable the code. Dog ball: Press Right(3), Left(2)... Read More

Captain Commando

 Special running attack: Press and hold the D-pad twice in the same direction to run. Jump and attack while running to do a special attack that does more damage without using energy.... Read More

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

 Status Password Victor's Mansion - VCTRMNSN Alexander Nevsky on ship - ZNDRNVSK... Read More

Addams Family Values

 Extra lives: After losing the game, press Left at the "Continue" screen to enter a hidden room that contains four extra lives.... Read More

Rival Turf

 Hidden level 4 warp: Defeat at least thirty enemies. Locate the door on level 4 and press Up to jump to the end of the level to fight the Boss. Change characters name: Complete the game and attain a high score. Enter CHRCONF as a name to access a character configuration screen. The names of all characters in the game may be edited. Press Start to begin a game using the altered character names.... Read More

Nolan Ryan Baseball

 Cheat menu: Select a single player game. Hold Left and quickly press B + A + X + Y to display the cheat menu.... Read More


 Level Password 5 BYRGYR 10 RGRRRY 15 YYBYGR 20 YYGGRB 25 RBGRRY 30 GBYGRR 35 BRGBYB 40 BRRYYR 45 GBRYBG 50 YGRBGG 55 YGYBRB 60 BYBRYR 65 RYGRBB 70 YGGYBY 75 GBBRBB 80 RBRYBG 85 YYRRGR 90 GGYGYG 95 RYYGBG 100 YBGBGR Key: B = Blue G = Green R = Red Y = Yellow... Read More

Batman Forever

 Cheat mode: Press Left, Up, Left(2), A, B, Y at the game start screen. Change the game type to normal mode and press Start. Choose a character and press Start to display the cheat mode screen. This screen allows stage selection, access to all weapons, and control of the Riddler in the practice mode. Kill all enemies: Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Press Start + L + R during game play to kill all normal enemies. Press this sequence multiple times to kill the Boss characters. Play as The Riddler in training mode: Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Go to training mode then press Start. Note: You may have to try more then once. Pass The Riddler thug to unlock the Riddler as playable. The Riddler has the following moves: Moves: Hidden blueprint weapons: Homing Batarang: Press Quarter-circle Forward + Y. Bat Cuffs: Press Right, Down + X. Holographic Decoy: Press Down(2), Forward(2), A. Rocket Boots: Press Right, Right + X. Moves: The Riddler: Repeatedly press X. Hold Down and quickly and repeatedl... Read More



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