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Mario Tennis

 Harder Game At the Title screen, press L, L, R, L, R, Select. Play as Wario and Rush Beat the game on singles 5 times with Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong. Super Serve Throw the ball up with the A button, wait two seconds, then slam it with B.... Read More

Galactic Pinball

 Samus Mini Game While playing the Cosmic board, hit the ball into the top-right part of the board with the bumpers. Start the Bumper Clash sequence and hit all the bumpers to start a Samus Mini Game.... Read More

Telero Boxer

 Beat the Bomb Bot Keep hitting the bot until he starts to explode. Next, use multiple power uppercuts on him. If timed correctly, you should defeat the robot without getting killed. Beat the Kangaroo Simply throw uppercuts wildly. As soon as he is about to throw something, he should get socked and jump around again. Beat the Second Boxer Keep your guard up until he ducks his dead down by his waist. Wait for him to try a hook, and immediately block it. If you're successful he'll be stunned. Take advantage of his condition with a punch to the gut. Beat the Third Boxer Whenever he goes down then hits you from the side do the red hand uppercut. The rest of the time block his moves. Secret Enemy If you beat every boxer without losing, you will fight a secret opponent that looks like a cat.... Read More

Jack Brothers

 Area Passwords Jack O'Lantern 2 4965 3 5923 4 0919 5 2827 6 6313 Jack Skelton 2 0248 3 2745 4 9537 5 3598 6 0531 Jack Frost 2 3267 3 8453 4 1309 5 7285... Read More

Mario Clash

 Warp to Level 40 At the Main Title screen, go to the Level Option and press Left.... Read More

Virtual League Baseball

 Passwords: Enter one of the following passwords to play as the corresponding team and record. Team Record Password Australia 4-0 ?8083 Cuba 4-0 28414 USA 5-0 0![Club]43 UK 5-0 [Diamond]!![Square]1... Read More

Panic Bomber

 Boss Mode Password: 1298 Passwords Password Effect Easy 6835 = Sinister Forest 9081 = Desert of Desolation 2473 = Doom Castle Normal 2695 = Sinister Forest 1038 = Desert of Desolation 6934 = Desert of Desolation 1298 = No Sub-Bosses 4390 = Star Medal 3281 = Moon Medal 5607 = Sun Medal... Read More


 Extra Putting Power Create a new player named, Hacker.... Read More

Wario Land

 Level Select At the Main Menu, press A, B, A, A, B, B.... Read More



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